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ugh, i know i’ve been MIA lately (besides my queue) and i’m sorry guys, but my internship is literally killing me.. it’s gonna be over soon! i miss you all <3

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Enjoy guys <3

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Damon AU Event: human!Damon

Damon Salvatore is a well known activist, he fights about environmental issues, green energy, but his specialty is animals rights. He has won a lot of awards and is constantly in the spotlight when the subject is about ending animal cruelty because of his works, including helping non-profit organizations and charities.
The biggest struggle in Damon’s life is, however, placed inside his own family. His younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, has been accused of trafficking wild animals and is often seen wearing fur coats. The city where they were born, Mystic Falls, has suffered a great damage during the past years because of the tradition of small game hunting, like rabbits, squirrels and raccoons. Seeing how this affected his hometown is one of the primary reasons that inspired Damon to become who he is today. 

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@huntvision: Dude I don’t know what to tell you you can’t keep hanging out here. The #tvd is a closed set cast and crew only. It’s time to move on

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I feel like, I’ve been holding on to the girl that was supposed to die here with her parents. The girl who had a normal life, and didn’t fall in love with vampires.

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Nina Dobrev - Live from the set of Vampire Diaries (July 21, 2014)
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fuckin hell

you can literally hear Ian say, before Nina goes up to him “Are you going to introduce me as Paul for your thing?”


fuckers planned it



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damon salvatore meme ► four emotions
↳  irony, sarcasm [1/4]

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Not  e v e n  at  all.

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Nina Dobrev for Nylon magazine (August 2014)

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Anonymous: where can you hear Ian say that? do you have a link, please?



here around 21:10

Ian arrived in the room around the time she started talking to one of the crew members and when she is walking away from ‘Ty’ you can hear him in the backround, next to her ask that.


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endless list of otps - damon + elena (the vampire diaries)

"You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, an adventure, and even a little danger.”

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